Dr Anya


GDC no 285148


Anya earned her dental degree from Birmingham Dental School in 2019 and subsequently completed her foundation training in Buckinghamshire. She is a proud member of the Royal College of Surgeons England and has furthered her expertise through postgraduate training across various disciplines, including Paediatrics, Sedation, Maxillofacial Surgery, and Orthodontics.

Specialising in cosmetic dentistry, Anya is passionate about crafting radiant smiles through treatments like whitening, Invisalign, and composite bonding.

Her dedication to patient care transcends conventional dentistry, as she also delves into facial aesthetics, offering a holistic approach to achieve harmonious facial symmetry while emphasising natural outcomes.

With a gentle and compassionate demeanour, Anya places paramount importance on patient comfort. She possesses a unique ability to instil confidence in her patients and excels in managing those who may feel anxious or apprehensive, including children.

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