Dr Fahad

Dentist (BDS)

GDC no 265489


Fahad graduated from the Bart and the Royal London Dental Institute in 2016. Following several years in General Practice, he attained membership with the Faculty of Dental Surgeons in Edinburgh. His passion lies in addressing cases of dental trauma where extensive tooth structures necessitate intricate restoration. Additionally, he has cultivated expertise in Sports Dentistry, collaborating with prominent football clubs and the Amateur British Boxing sector, providing care to athletes and conducting pre-season dental evaluations. 

Currently, he is advancing his proficiency in endodontics, with a specialisation in Root Canals, with an anticipated completion in the forthcoming years. Outside of the dental practice, he cherishes spending quality moments with his 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son. In his leisure, he engages in recreational activities such as squash, football, or cricket.

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